Noni Juice and Cancer

Noni juice and cancer have been linked together in several medical researches to establish the most-sought answer as to whether or not Noni is indeed a cure for cancer. During the 92nd Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research held in March 2001, this juice was among the top ten alternative treatments for cancerous growths.

Noni juice is not an absolute cure. In fact, it is only a primary treatment for patients that have been newly tested positive for cancerous cells. The healing effect will be significant because the juice have components that can suppress the growth of cancerous cells. Those who have advanced stages of cancer will be require a higher supplemental treatment.

Noni should not be taken along with chemotherapy or radiation. Remember that it helps strengthen the immune system and will be wise if taken after chemotherapy or radiation to lessen the time for the patient to recover, or after conventional treatments have failed. Aside from juice drinks, Noni ointments have also been  used to treat chemical burns and bruises during cancer treatment.

Noni has been found to contain a number of tumor-killing nutrients such as anthraquinone, damnacanthal and element selenium. Some of them stop the spread of cancerous cells — these include beta sitosterol, noni-ppt and limonene. Polysaccharides stimulate the production of white blood cells and the immune system. Proxeronine help in the better absorption of nutrients so that healing can speed up.

A survey performed by Dr. Neil Solomons revealed that about 68% have noticed lessened symptoms of cancer among the 1822 Noni users . In this article, prostate and lung cancers are discussed to validate the claim that Noni can help treat the disease.

Earlier in the various researches about the Noni juice benefits, animals like the mice have been the subjects of the studies. Some researchers injected a specially prepared Noni juice to mice with tumors. The results revealed that mice which were treated with Noni showed 120% rate of survival over those which were untreated. An important compound, the damnacanthal, is believed to restore the cells into their normal sizes and shapes.

Noni juice and cancer of the prostate, or prostate adenocarcinoma,  have been studied recently. Prostate cancer screening was conducted by a pathologist to gauge how fast the tumor increased in size and spread in the body. The result of the initial screening suggested that Noni may be able to stop the tumor from growing. If for example, cancer is in the advance stage then the result will aid the doctor to know what treatment to give.

A study at the University of Illinois found that Morinda citrifolia or Noni significantly lowered the risk of developing lung  cancer in current smokers . The aromatic DNA adducts levels among the smokers who were given Noni juice drink were significantly reduced by 44.  After 1 month of drinking 1 to 4 oz of Noni juice, aromatic DNA adduct levels showed 49% decrease on the 1-oz  group and 37% in the 4-oz group. The results suggest that Noni Juice if taken daily can block carcinogen-DNA binding or excise DNA adducts from genomic DNA therefore the cancer risk in heavy cigarette smokers will be reduced.

In the next decades, Noni juice and cancer will be a much studied subject for further researches. Many cancer-stricken patients can cross their fingers that conclusive evidences on the effects of Noni juice on other types of cancer can be discovered.

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