Noni Juice Benefits

Popularly known for noni juice benefits, Morinda Citrifolia provides health benefits proven by scientific studies. Discover the noni juice benefits here.

Popularly known for noni juice benefits, Morinda citrifolia or noni is a healthy beverage alternative that can be made into herbal puree or juice drink. The fruit bearing tree noni originally came from Asia — specifically in India, Tahiti, and Polynesia. This tree is also called great morinda, cheese fruit, Indian mulberry, as well as beach mulberry. Here we discuss some of the health benefits that can be derived from drinking noni fruit juice.

Like other types of plants, this fruit-bearing tree is rich in essential nutrients. Noni contains fibers and carbohydrates. Protein can also be found in the fruit. It’s amazingly fatless and has been found to contain high Vitamin C, Vitamin A, niacin and iron.

Noni has practically all parts useful for medicinal purpose. Thus, it is believed to contain a so-called “proxeronine system”. According to a biochemist scientist named Dr. Ralph Heinicke , noni possesses a proxeronine ,a system which strengthens the ailing body and keeps cells from getting sick. Another important noni component is Scopoletin, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic, anti-asthmatic and antibacterial agent, and improves circulation and provides other beneficial effects.

Many people have given their testimonies on the health benefits of noni. In fact, others call it a miracle juice. Noni juice benefits the immune system and digestive system and the entire body system. Noni juice relieves pains, common diseases, and infections. For many, it’s practically a wonder herbal that can cure almost all human ailments.

Here are some of noni juice benefits that are backed up by recent researches and studies.

Reduces Cholesterol and Triglycerides

A research by University of Illinois College published in the AHA journal revealed that cholesterol and triglycerides were reduced when the smokers were asked to drink noni juice for a month. An improvement in the blood lipid profiles were observed specifically reduced cholesterol by as much as 22%, triglycerides by as much as 54%, and HDL increased by as much as 16%.

Boosts Energy

There has been a conclusive research that noni has improved the ability of the body to perform physical activities and has increased the energy level of people using them. This may be attributed to the fact that Polynesians used noni to energized themselves and prevent fatigue. Research conducted on 40 athletes by the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Sports Medicine and published in Journal of Medicinal Plants Research found an increased endurance by 21% and increased antioxidant activity by 25% after testing them for three weeks.

Prevents Parasitic Infections

The leaves and roots of noni fruit revealed in a study can suppress the growth of infections caused by parasites. The use of noni fruit can be traced to traditional folk medicines and folk people used them to cure parasitic infections.

Relieves Pain and Provides Sedative Effects

Extracts from the noni roots have shown sedative effects in a study with mice. A 1990 study, according to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has found out that it has analgesic and sedative component damnacanthal. Thus it is recommended for use to treat menstrual cramps and other pains.In addition, noni fruit juices were found to increase joint health and mobility. The juice can help prevent bone problems like arthritis and other skeletal disorders. Noni has xeronine and KB-C ingredients which aid in minimizing pain and swelling, relieving inflammatory conditions, and fortifying weak bones and ligaments.

Prevents Serious Illnesses

In the June 2008 journal of Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, a study on noni and liver damage revealed that rats treated with noni juice have showed lesser possibility of liver damage. Other studies that were conducted in this light showed that noni has protective quality to people who have healthy livers. This may also be true with other degenerative diseases. If noni is taken before the onset of any serious disorder, then well-being is assured.

Inhibits Growth of Cancer Cells

A study conducted on mice with lung cancer as subjects, the noni tree was found to contain a polysaccharide-rich substance, the noni-ppt. This investigation in 2003 concluded that noni tree has an inhibiting property for the growth of new cancer in man’s tissues.

A recent study using human subjects by the Tianjin Medical University was similarly conducted and the result was published in The Journal, Chinese Medical Research & Clinical. The study showed an increased adaptive immune system activity by 32% and innate immune system activity by 30%. Noni juice also decreased oxidative stress in the body by 19%.

In December 2001, the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences said that the antioxidant content of Noni juice has reduced the formation of cancer cells in the body. Also, they conducted in vitro setup and used animals as subjects. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York supported the previous findings by showing that the noni extract exhibits anti-tumor features. Thus, it is believed to reduce or even cure cancer.

Use for Healthy Skin and Hair

Some people have been using noni juice to beautify their skin and to cure some skin disorders like acne. This can be attributed to the high vitamin C contents of the fruit. Another noni juice benefit is the prevention of hair loss. The extract of noni fruits can reduce the amount of hair loss in men and can help in rejuvenating hair follicles especially after chemotherapy.

Helps with Digestion

Because the noni fruit are high in fiber, it is  good remedy for constipation because of its laxative effect. Noni is also good for relieving stomach aches, and other digestive problems.

Noni juice products are health supplements. They are not the absolute cure for any existing disorder but they can help strengthen your immune-system and make healing faster. Although no serious side effects have been recorder, noni products should be taken as instructed for best results. If you are suffering from any ailment, consult your doctor first before taking any supplements.

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  1. Me parece exelente la información sobe la planta del Noni, aunque me gustara que nos explicaran la forma de consumirlo o utilizarlo para las diferentes enfermedades. Gracias de antemano.


  2. well isuffer from lots of body pain and i went to puerto rico my grandma has the noni plant she gave me the juice for 15- days i was very amaze with the results …the pain decreased a lot…so now that i came back
    to new jersey i keep drinking my noni…

  3. well isuffer from lots of body pain and i went to puerto rico my grandma has the noni plant she gave me the juice for 15- days i was very amaze with the results …the pain decreased a lot…so now that i came back
    to new jersey i keep drinking my noni…


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